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BOO! is a company started in February of 2018 by two sisters.  They specialise in Ty products, are based in East Looe, Cornwall and are the only sole Ty shop, currently, in the UK. 

Hi, my name is Jenni and alongside my sister, Tiffany, just over a year ago we decided to open our own Ty Beanie shop in the fabulous seaside town of Looe in Cornwall.  Between us we have over 30 years of retail experience and of those, 20 have been in the soft toy industry with Ty products being key.

Over the years of listening to collectors, what most seem to want is an affordable product that may well turn into a rare collectible in the future ( sometimes much faster than you imagine ! ) to find all of these products under one roof used to be easy, 20 years ago there were Ty Beanie shops all over the UK, over the years they have all closed down, for many different reasons, we hear many conversations of how you used to be able to get Ty products on nearly every high street and now it is harder and harder to find them on any great scale and the collector in us misses that ! so, we decided to bring it back ! and BOO! was created.

We are right on Fore Street in the busy fishing town of Looe & are lucky enough to have a steady flow of customers all year around thanks in large to the huge support we get from the local people of Looe & surrounding areas.  In the summer months, when the town is full of visitors from far & wide  we have many returning customers and we are truly grateful of their support as without you there would be no US ! 

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Ty Heart Logo_Hi Res JPEG.jpg
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